What Are & Why Use Networking Hours ?

What Are & Why Use Networking Hours ?

What Are Hashtag Networking Hours

These are usually geographic groups for local business to connect or specific interest groups, when joining the discussion you should tweet with the hashtag included e.g. #gloshour.  By using the #gloshour between 8-9pm Wednesday I connect with people and companies in the Gloucester area,  all #tag hours usually have a host who chairs the mayhem.  #gloshour host.

Why Use #Tag Hours

If you participate in the right hours for you, you will meet people interested in what you have to say, maybe a local issue or maybe a product launch or general promotion.

#hour Etiquette

My personal opinion is that;

  • You shouldn’t tweet the same thing to the same #hours, this gets boring.
  • Try and be loosely on topic for the #hour
  • Don’t just talk about yourself, comment and be interested in other users tweets, one comment or share of some ones tweets can result in them wanting to share yours, (relationship building)
  • More to follow, suggestions welcome !

Which Networking Hours And When?

I have compiled this list for me and my customers but thought many would be interested in this list for relevant promotion.  All the hosts in one twitter list. VIEW…

Any additions either comment below or email business@inandnear.co.uk