#Gloshour For Beginners

#Gloshour For Beginners

We have created this page for the absolute novice #hour user so is simplistic, as we love new people and want to make you comfortable.

When is #gloshour?

#Gloshour is scheduled to take place Wednesday evenings between 8pm and 9pm, often people use the hash-tag early or late which is OK by us even with important local tweets feel free to use the tag any time, just use in moderation.

#gloshour is an equal opportunities hour but some tweets may not get re-tweeted if offensive, of an adult nature or blatant spam.

We run #gloshour as a person and no automation is used, some hash-tags re-tweet everything which is not useful to people following us. I don’t auto follow back as I like to see who follows us then follow local accounts and other related people.

I can always spot a newbie to twitter and if a local business always shout them out on here or @aboutglos to make them welcome. Twitter can be daunting for first timers.

What To Do At #gloshour – The Basics

Broadcast Yourself

If you construct a tweet as usual with or without photos or video and add #gloshour where it fits best, often at the end. Many people forget a space before the # in #gloshour.

Sometimes it is appropriate to use 2 or more different hash-tags, would advice less is more, nobody likes tweets that are pure hash-tags.


Many people also tweet using #gloshour so it is good practice to network and see who else is in the room(hour) . If you search for #gloshour the most popular tweets are listed, if you click all these are in date order.

Ask yourself what did you want to happen to your last tweet ? You would like some or all of the following;

  • To be re-tweeted
  • To be Favorited for later
  • Someone to comment positively about your tweet
  • Recommend your tweet to someone else using their twitter name

Now if in an ideal world you want others to do these shouldn’t you treat others how you want to be treated. If you get a reputation as a nice Tweep,┬ápeople will share your content more or even recommend you to their contacts.

If people do comment or ask questions, a reply brings your original message to the top of the feed again.

Any questions or advice tweet @glhour or @aboutglos or use the comment form below.

2 thoughts on “#Gloshour For Beginners”

    1. Hi there if you join in #gloshour tonight if you are available usually good for meeting the locals just introduce yourself witht he #gloshour hash tag in your tweet.

      You might also like to add your details on this site https://www.gloshour.co.uk/add-content/ , i periodically tweet all pages on the site and so does @aboutglos.

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