Yoffa Limited

Yoffa Limited
Yoffa Limited
Our business is to help your business!
Yoffa is a new and exciting way for start-ups and small businesses to get comprehensive support solutions – Our aim is simple. Help your business succeed by providing practical, trustworthy support solutions, so you can focus on the other things! Our ad hoc work or full membership can cover your business, so you don’t have to worry about HR, recruitment, accountancy or marketing.

Who are Yoffa??
New to the world, yet built from experience – Yoffa, in various forms, has been operating in the professional services market place for more than 25 years. It is made up of experienced small business owners, general managers and management consultants, HR specialists, recruiters, marketers, accountants and bookkeepers. All these vital pieces fit together to produce Yoffa.

What is Yoffa?
It’s the business to help your business! – Yoffa was created for two reasons. Help entrepreneurs with their start-ups and help small businesses achieve their aims. Too often is the case that start-ups and small businesses fail because the vision of the company is lost under the pile of “doing every day chores”. You created that company or joined the small business community to give the world your unique talents and offerings. It just so happens that our business is uniquely talented at supporting you and your business.

Why Yoffa?
The support solutions your business needs just so happens to be what we’re good at! – Yoffa is blessed with talented individuals who have been there before. They’ve done the start-up, they’ve run the small business. They know what it’s all about. The importance of professional support staff to a small business is crucial, and they know it. Which is why our network of specialists and gurus make us the perfect all-in package. Take a look at our service offerings. Then take a look at our pricing. It might just explain our smiling logo!

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