Sophie Ross

Sophie Ross
Sophie Ross
Quality Assurance for Websites and Online Content:
Copy-editing | Proofreading | Usability Testing

Our business is to make sure that your website or anything else that you upload is absolutely perfect in every sense.

Do you need perfection? Yes, we think you do. For better or worse, people will judge your business on what they see online. Flawed content gives the impression you don’t care about how you conduct your business, or yourself.

There are three aspects to our work:

You’ve written your website text: it all looks fine, but your familiarity with the wording might just be blinding you to flaws. We make sure that your copy is clear, concise, understandable and that it delivers your message effectively. Basically, we cut the waffle.

We don’t just check spelling, punctuation and grammar. Even the smallest error, such as an image not rendering properly, or the inconsistent use of font size is distracting to the reader, and can raise questions of trust and reliability. We carry out a thorough search for errors in your text and all other visual and aural content.

This is when we check that everything works properly. We road-test functionality, compatibility and responsiveness across the most widely used devices, operating systems and browsers, and we identify any glitches in the operation of your website and online content.

Doesn’t my web designer do all this, I hear you ask? No, these are not necessarily tasks that your designer will check thoroughly, and our experience bears this out. Your web designer is a digital technician and a designer, not a trained and experienced copy-editor or proofreader. Nor are they an objective usability tester with a fresh pair of eyes. It’s like asking a spanner to put in a screw. We provide the full buff-and-polish range of services that your web designer can’t in order to make sure that your web pages are perfect.
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