Kate’s Cutting Patch

Kate’s Cutting Patch
Kate’s Cutting Patch
Small & Eco friendly business providing home grown cut British flowers.

Grower of cottage style flowers and cut flower meadows, grown to promote British flowers to be used for wedding, funerals and all occasions. Part of flowers from farm and British flower Collective. To follow the whole process through from seed to bride gives a huge sense of pride. Growing a cut flower meadow is amazing for butterflies and bee”s which are attracted to the colour and scent of the flowers.

We want brides to have British, seasonal, local flowers with no air miles! Being as organic as possible we support a huge variety of animals and insects.

There is a very helpful group of flower growers who are trying to educate people that British flowers are fresher and last just as long as flowers that have been grown across the world.

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Lords Meade