Juice Plus with Kaylin

Juice Plus with Kaylin
Business Name: Juice Plus with Kaylin
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Short Business Description: Flood your body with Fruit & vegetables with our Capsules & /or Shakes!

I’ve lost 20lbs which is the same as a car tyre by pairing an amazing product (Shakes & Capsules) with healthy eating & exercise. Remember to put your health first, read up about things to know the ins and outs.. I will send you some information if you ask!

I always tire of hearing its a diet, but it’s not – it’s a complete lifestyle change! All you have to do is choose the healthy option in the everyday choices that you make!

I’m here to help people with natural products to help you loose weight, yes you need to be willing and have motivation and change even if it’s just one small thing a day, such as not putting sugar in your tea/coffee! Have added a couple of testimonials for you to read/see for things our products could do for you.

Flood your body with Fruit & Veg, bridging the gap between what you eat and what you should eat! Side effects are: weight loss, Glowing skin, relief from Eczema/psoriasis/acne, long hair, strong healthy nails and hair!

Business Website Address: http://www.juiceplus.co.uk/+kt11584
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Town: Winchcombe
County: Gloucestershire
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  • Juice Plus with Kaylin
  • Juice Plus with Kaylin
  • Juice Plus with Kaylin