About #gloshour

Our page about #gloshour and how it works to help connect local people and business. Gloshour is a networking hour for people in Gloucestershire to promote their products or services to other locals. It is also a great way to meet new on-line friends locally.

About #gloshour Twiiter

The @gloshour twitter account hasn’t been active since February 2014 for unknown reasons. I think it a great service that I always recommend to customers and friends, this site linked with my @aboutglos twitter aims to keep this going.

#Gloshour History

Our page detailing the #Gloshour History, including the growth and success of the networking hour. _ToDo

New #gloshour free business directory for Gloucestershire companies

I needed to learn how to build a scalable business directory using WordPress for a future project so though I may as well have a purpose. I thus decided I host #gloshour on twitter most weeks on Wednesday evening at 8 pm, so why not have a more detailed directory of the locals.

Many of the other local hashtag hours have a website for their locals but charge for the privilege. This site will not charge for any listings, articles as long as you are one of the #gloshour tweeps.

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