Gloucestershire Hour #gloshour

As #gloshour or Gloucestershire hour has not been touched or promoted since February 2014 and I quite enjoyed using this networking hour I have decided to bring it back to life.

Will still be using the same has tag #gloshour and still same time as on old profiles 8pm Wednesdays.

The only difference is the host account is called @glhour

The process and rules are still the same as detailed below.

About Gloucestershire Hour #gloshour

Gloshour is a networking hour for people in Gloucestershire to promote their products or services to other locals. It is also a great way to meet new on-line friends locally.


Using #gloshour

Basically anyone who is based in, works in or trades in Gloucestershire is invited to tweet during the hour between 8pm and 9pm every Wednesday using the #gloshour hashtag.

Many other locals will meet to sharing information, ideas and friendship and the opportunity to meet new friends or business contacts.

All relevant local tweets will be shared by @glhour and maybe some our our associates at @aboutglos, @aboutcotswolds, @savethefod and @inandnear.

#Gloshour For Beginners

We have created this page for the absolute novice #hour user so is simplistic, as we love new people and want to make you comfortable. More for beginners…


Free Gloucestershire Business Adverts

As well as the Wednesday hours we invite all participants to registered for a business profile on the site where you can promote your services. Throughout the week we will give shout outs to any registered business.

Add Free Listing..

Local Press Releases

If your company or organisation wants to promote something specific maybe an event, product launch or new service we are happy to dedicate a page or 2 to this. This is only available for local Gloucestershire based companies and organisations and priority given to local regulars.

To suggest an article email me